I'm Rad-proof. You're not.

The Crusader is a heavy ordnance and support infantry soldier.

As Marauders began replacing Firebats in armored support, the Vaul easily acquired a sample of the new armor as the schematics had relatively low protection from hacking. During simulations, they found the armor was 25% more robust and excelled against heavily armored targets. What stood out the most was the Jackhammer Concussion grenade's ability to slow down anything they hit. While not the high on their threat level, research on a counter to the Terran Marauder eventually began. Once research was complete, the Crusader-series armor was added to the Vaul arsenal.

Crusader suits are considerably more heavily armored to withstand large amounts of radiation from hazardous environments and their own specialized armament. Modifying the launchers to handle multiple types of explosives, the suits fire plasma grenades to provide anti-armor and support fire. The launchers can also fire a stream of radioactive Incendiary Gel to provide an even greater damage to heavy vehicles and structures (Halo: Assault cannon). Nearby units also become irradiated by any traces of the gel that did not detonate on impact. Several cooling rods are equipped to the launchers to prevent excess heat from triggering any grenades still in storage. The symbol for radioactive material is often placed on their pauldrons as a form of intimidation and warning to how dangerous Crusaders can be.

Genetic engineering users to handle such concentrated radioactive material has yielded an odd side effect. By exposing themselves to a brief burst of Sigma radiation, they can shock themselves out of conditions that would kill regular Terrans. The burst also kill most forms of Zerg infestation in the preliminary phases. This makes Crusaders almost impossible to control without the use of implants.

Ablative armor provides extra resistance to enemy fire and the Crusader's own arsenal. When exposed to the more exotic weapons used by alien forces, the addition of ablative armor has increased longevity of users by 15 seconds. Though not much, the extra time is enough to take cover or bring weapons to bear against attackers.

Special abilities:

  • Incendiary Gel - switches attack to a radioactive stream that deals +40 damage and irradiates enemy units. Only affects one target at a time and must cooldown for 15 seconds after use
  • Purge (autocast) - removes stun, slow, and mind control effects at a cost of 2 HPs 
  • Ablative Armor (upgrade) - unit gains +50 HPs

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