The Crybane is a variant strain of Infested Terrans.

Crybanes came into being after the assimilation of Wendigo DNA and raiding Terran facilities containing cryogenic technologies. After multiple trial and error evolutions, new strains gained increased resistance to sub-zero temperatures. Spliced with Baneling genes, the Crybane is able to hold large amounts of cryogenic substances while at the same time take a reasonable amount of punishment before detonating. At first glance, the new strain appears vaguely humanoid covered in large sacs with insect like skulls on their chests (Halo: Flood Carrier Form; Mass Effect: Praetorian and Scion).

Armed with a mutated infested rifle, they fire spines coated in wendigo venom penetrating nearly any form of armor plating. When sent into battle, Crybanes stop squads of soldiers dead in their tracks or disable structures long enough for more offensive strains to finish them off (Warcraft III: Lich). Frozen victims are also easier to harvest genetic material from to enhance the swarm's combat capabilities. If such material is unnecessary, Crybanes unleash a Sonic Wail from all the skulls to shatter their frozen victims before help arrives.

They can even sacrifice themselves by detonating their cryogenic fluids to form a wall of ice to limit movement from enemy ground forces. This makes them excellent in preventing sieges to bases.

Special abilities:

  • Burrow/Unburrow - unit burrows underground to hide from enemy forces without detector support, but cannot move
  • Frost bolts (passive) - slows down enemy targets in movement and attack. Targets become frozen when health reaches 30%
  • Wail - unleashes a powerful wail that deals 50 damage (+100 vs frozen) around the Crybane
  • Ice Wall - unit sacrifices itself to create a destructible pile of ice with 3000 HPs

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