The Cyclops is a variant strain of Overseers bred for combat and support roles.

By integrating Khaydarin crystals used in Stone guardian eyes into their DNA, this strain is capable of firing bisonic energy beams from their extra eyes (Marvel: Scott Summers). Given their nearly 360 degree vision, Cyclopes can target practically everything within sight on land or in the air (Naruto: Byakugan). They still retain their ability to detect cloaked and burrowed enemies, which makes sneek attacks extremely difficult.

Should they find themselves overwhelmed, Cyclopes can tap into latent psionic energies and emit a wave to stimulate certain parts of biological brains and mechanical circuitry from their central eye. This psionic wave effectively MESMERIZES whatever is around the Cyclops pacifying them for a limited time (Ben 10 - Omniverse: Psycholoeopterran and Opticoid). Mesmerized enemies will not move or attack unless stimulated by an outside force (Warcraft III: Dread Lord). This allows Cyclopes and their allies time to retreat or organize a concentrated attack on the immobilized forces.

To further sow discord into enemy ranks, they can create a temporary illusion on a target. This illusion is powerful enough to cause enemies to attack each other (Prototype: Patsy). When executed correctly, whole squadrons can be whittled down to more manageable numbers.

Special abilities:

  • Detector - can reveal cloaked or burrowed units
  • MESMERIZE - stuns all units around the Cyclops for 30 seconds. Affected units will not move or attack unless attacked
  • PARIAH - target unit appears as an ally to enemy forces causing them to attack it

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