The D-76 Xiphos Pulse Pistols are signature weapons of the Savior Corps combining qualities from P-45 Scythe and Pulse pistols.

Instead of solid projectile gun clips, these weapons use advanced power cell for ammunition. This allows Xiphos pistols to have a larger ammo capacity which relieves users from losing too much time reloading. The power cells do not have infinite power, so users still need to reload after excessive use.

Xiphos pistols use the Scythe pistol's double-barrel design to fire in rapid bursts of concentrated ionized particles (Star Trek DS9: Phaser cannon). This is very effective in wearing down lightly armored opponents and plasma shielding. However, the downside to using these weapons in continuous fire is the rapid build up of excess heat. To offset this flaw, a bayonet composed of a special alloy can be equipped to help in venting the excess. Not only does this reduce the chance of the barrels from melting, the superheated blades have increased penetration strength during melee attacks (Halo 3: Spiker; Mass Effect 3: Engineer Omni-blade).

Because of its relatively small size and light weight, Xiphos Pistols can be dual-welded with or without CMC armor augmenting the user's strength.


  • Works on a battery with a large energy capacity
  • Fast reload time
  • Effective against light armored infantry
  • Effective at short to medium ranges
  • Can be equipped with bayonet - decreases cooldown by 25% and increase melee by 50%
  • Can be dual-welded


  • Ammo capacity is not infinite
  • Needs more reload/cooldown time if:
    • used in continuous fire
    • used without bayonet mod
  • Loses accuracy at long distances

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