DES-6 Javelin

The DES-6 Javelin is a Terran directed energy sniper rifle created through reverse-engineering Protoss technology.

Overview Edit

The DES-6 Javelin was designed and fielded in 2566, using reverse-engineered technology gained form studying the Protoss Thermal Lancer and Energy Carbine. Currently it is only issued to special forces, with small numbers being released to the general infantry as it is improved.

The DES-6 operates through the use of battery cartridges that contain approximately 100 battery units each, or in other words, 100 seconds of sustained fire. These battery cartridges can be replaced and/or recharged once used up.

The Javelin possesses an LED scope with 2x-4x adjustable zoom modes, and has an effective accuracy range of 1000 meters.

Trivia Edit

The DES-6 Javelin was invented by innovative weapon-specialist, Kal Wardin.

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