The Darkstar is a Vaul anti-air corvette.

Even with fighters as versatile as Halberds, the Vaul still needed a heavy aerospace support unit to complement the smaller crafts. Despite the firepower of their ground forces, they were still limited in mobility against enemy air units. In order to find the necessary qualities to being construction, simulations began with data on air units from all three Koprulu race. Terran Wraiths and Valkyries were bulky and primitive, but still capable of handling themselves against more advanced foes. As for the Protoss, their advanced ships tended to cripple entire squadrons once constructed, which was often longer than the other two races. The Vaul wanted a starship both powerful and relatively quick to build. Hybridizing the most advanced weapons technology from Terran, Protoss, and Xel'Naga archives, the Vaul created the Darkstar corvette to fill this role.

Darkstars resemble a forked double-edged blade with a retractable gravitic engines on each side (Ratchet and Clank: Aphelion; Star Trek: Intrepid class). Like all Vaul units, the ship is the pilot which reduces the need for equipment such as life support and crew quarters (Star Wars: Vulture droid). Thanks to psionic crystal circuitry, Darkstars can think and react faster than any Terran or Protoss pilot could in a fraction of a nano-second. These fighters are equipped with twin dark matter cannons for heavy air engagements. Each cannon fires dark matter orbs charged with psionic energy moving at near lightspeeds. Impacts from these orbs can leave gaping holes in the hulls of heavy capital ships. Dark matter orbs are especially effective in wearing down any form of reinforced armor and energy shielding.

While great against medium to large capital ships, Darkstars on their own are open to attacks from smaller, more mobile fighter crafts. To alleviate this flaw, the corvettes interface with Halberds to alter their dark matter projectors. With the increase in processing and psionic power, Darkstars can project four dark matter/hardlight constructs of itself. Similar to the Ronin's fragmenting ability, each construct has roughly the same firepower as the Darkstar projecting it, effectively making the vessel a one ship armada. The only problem is the constructs disappearing if the projecting vessel is destroyed.

By merging their Interface technology with the Terran's transformation technology, the Vaul have made it possible to create a machine with unparalleled strength.

Special abilities:

  • Shadow Fleet (INTERFACE) - creates 4 dark matter constructs that have the same firepower as the projecting unit, but only shield energy and no health. Constructs can be destroyed by special weapons and need 30 seconds to regenerate. If projecting Darkstar is destroyed the constructs go with it
  • Zenith Formation - 4 Darkstars combine with 1 Vulcan to create a Zenith (does not work with Shadow Fleet constructs)

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