DeTox is a type of experimental compound for Stimpacks.

Derived from Defiler Toxins, DeTox stimulates the muscles of Terrans to superhuman levels. Not as strong as a Protoss, but users can bench press 1 to 1.2 tons. Users can also run for miles without tiring. DeTox is so corrosive in concentrated form, 2 ml of it can eat through 5 cm of Neosteel. As such, DeTox research used anti-gravity techniques in its initial stages. On an odd note, the corrosiveness of DeTox inhibits the infestation process and the growth of Broodling spores.

Unfortunately, DeTox is still an experimental Stimulant and cellular damage occurs in 100% of the test subjects. It is also very addictive, no known Terran drug compares to the rush and withdrawal that comes from using DeTox. All of those who tried to quit died within minutes. Research on decreasing the additive properties was slowed to a crawl because of budget reasons. Rumor has it that high ranking military officials paid stock holders to hold back on this area of research and some "dilute" samples have mysteriously made it into the Marine Corps.


  • Increases movement and attack rate by 65% at the cost of 15 HP
  • Reduces effects of plague and fungal growth by 50%
  • Temporarily immunizes biological units from broodling spores and infestation