The Deshtar are a semi-solid, amorphous race of sentient ship-board parasites that feed off of energy signatures... Through years of adaptation, they have gained the ability to symbiotically bond with a host machine or organism in order to interact with their environment with greater efficiency. Due to the fact that they are an amoeboid race, they have the "Lekgolo-like" ability to form purpose spacific assemblages by bonding together as a singular collective organism, similar to scyphozoa, such as the Man-of-War.

Dispite their primitive design they are highly intelligent, capable of engineering amazingly useful ships and factories. Their simple evolution has given them a singlemindedness however, and they usually have a simple military approach to every dilema... Opportunistic negotiation until fired upon. Once war is initiated... No mercy.

Their language is simple, and concists of odd shrieks and gurgles... But they share thoughts and memories with their host, and when banded together, they instantly know what the other is thinking as it is thought, due to psychoactive organelles within their rhizopodal body, allowing quick transfer of knowledge between their race.

Most Deshtar speak many languages.

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