Make a Hole!!!

The Desperado is a Terran light freighter.

Often deployed by transport and shipping companies, these freighters are among the fastest, cheapest, and customizable vessels ever developed for civilian use. Due to the ease of customization, smugglers and pirates make heavy use of them while travelling through Dominion space.

Though lightly armed with lasers, factions with black market ties can add military grade weapons and even reverse-engineered alien technology to bolster their combat capabilities. One of the most popular illegal modifications included a hybrid Drakken laser containing EMP and protoss technology. This potent combination creates a powerful electromagnetic beam for disabling much larger ships for hours (XCOM - Enemy Unknown: EMP Cannon; Star Wars - Rebels: Prototype B6). The appropriately named "Trailblazer" cannon has let Smugglers and rebel factions preform many blockade running operations, while at the same time avoiding "destruction of government property" and "provable" murder charges.

The ships can be equipped to haul less complex shipping vessels like a space train (Stargate - SG1: Lucian Alliance freighter). For quick emergency deliveries, Desperadoes deploy moderately protected containers traceable with specialized beacons. Both qualities make the freighters helpful when avoiding military and police patrols.

Special abilities:

  • Trailblaze - Unit fires a beam that makes target air units lose all energy and locks them down for 45 seconds
  • Jump - Desperado warps a short distance bypassing obstacles
  • Smuggle (autocast) - abducts target ground units and structures in area
  • Illegal mods - sells equipment to employing faction which allow regular units to have Mercenary level gear
  • Cargo pods (upgrade) - can carry 20 times infantry, ground vehicles, or small air units and gains +150 HP per pod at cost of -2 movement speed

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