Diamond Colloid is an experimental substance developed to increase resistance to conventional and unconventional weaponry used in the Koprulu Sector.

It was discovered while researching ways to reproduce Protoss crystal technology. During experiments the colloid proved to be resistant to most forms of chemical reactions after being coated on different alloys of Neosteel. When applied to bunkers and subjected to Zerg attack, all signs of infection were halted the instant they came into contact with the colloid. Even oxidizing agents that can rust heavy Neosteel plating was found to be ineffective against a light coating of Diamond colloid (Transformers: Corrostop).

In experiments with laser and other energy weapons, the colloid deflected most beams with little to no damage (Gundam SEED: Mirage Colloid and Akatsuki). This makes it ideal against the more exotic weaponry of the Protoss during their purification of worlds and laser targeting from enemy Ghosts. However, the Diamond Colloid did lose effectiveness when subjected to more physical attacks. Constant reapplication of the substance is needed to ensure total protection from biological, chemical, and energy weaponry.

During four year interim of the Brood and Second Great War, there was only enough Diamond Colloid mass produced to protect most key military installations among the Core Worlds. All necessary resources for production were diverted into development and production of other military projects.


  • Prevents buildings from being affected by contamination and infestation
  • Prevents buildings from being target locked for Nuclear strikes
  • Beam, laser, or any energy based weapons with attacks of 10 or lower are deflected
  • Buildings gain +2 armor and a shiny appearance

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