The Diode is a Vaul structure that acts similar to a Protoss Pylon and Zerg creep tumors by providing RAM and enhancements to other friendly buildings.

Combining psionic crystal and nanotechnology, Diodes appear as floating metal cubes with crystals within them (Transformers - live-action: All Spark). These structures provide psionic energy and RAM storage for Vaul Units and Bases. Because of their robotic "nature", RAM is necessary for handling all data and A.I.s. In other words, the more RAM provided to a base gives more processing power for troops and research buildings.

Though Vaul buildings do not rely on Psi-fields as much as the Protoss, most are Neutral once constructed. This means practically any sentient race can capture and use the buildings once their worker units get a hold of them (Starcraft II: Xel'naga tower). To prevent this from happening, Diodes ENCRYPT surrounding structures to prevent them from being taken.

Special abilities:

  • Provides 8 RAM to build units
  • ENCRYPT (passive) - prevents Vaul buildings from being captured by enemy worker units

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