The Disruptor is a Protoss robot used in ground assaults.

It was developed as part of the Purifier Program and subsequently abandoned until the second Great War. Through the use of its Solarite Reactor, the robot releases a ball of unstable energy to devastate clusters of targets. During the firing of their attacks, the Disruptor is invulnerable to conventional attacks. The one weakness is that after firing, the robot is vulnerable enough for enemies to overwhelm them with firepower.

Some Dark Templar technology could be added to improve the stability of the ball for more power (Naruto: Tailed Beast Ball). Such modifications allowed the Disruptors to lay waste to more enemies and heavily defenses.

Special abilities:

  • Purification Nova - shoots a ball of energy at target point that can be controlled for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, ball explodes with 145 (+55 vs shields) damage to nearby enemies. The disruptor is immobile and invulnerable while the ball is active

Campaign Upgrades Edit

  • Warp recharge (passive) - while unit is invulnerable shields recharge by 50 if not full
  • Void coil (upgrade) - increases ball life time by +2 seconds and damage by +100
  • Nano-sec processor (upgrade) - increases range and speed of ball by +2

Notes Edit

  • For more information see Disruptor on the parent site

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