Dob's Infested Guns is a retail chain that was hostilely taken over by the Zerg.

Formally Dob's Guns, the store specialized in selling firearms to civilian, military, and paramilitary clientele. Some say the franchise could supply a backwater militia with enough arms to fight a small Protoss force to a standstill. Others implied that the products included nuclear material from black market channels.

During the ending months of the Brood War, Dob's Gun received a surge in popularity among the Fringe worlds. This popularity nearly rivaled some of the most powerful arms dealers, commercial and non-commercial. It got to the point where rumors and wild speculations bounced across the hypernet. One of the wildest being that there were modified Resoc devices in hidden rooms to brainwash/train civilians into sleeper agents and soldiers (Pokemon: TM and HM; The Matrix: Training Programs; MIB 2: De-Neuralyzer; Stargate - SG-1: Galaran memory device).

Somehow, rumor circulated that the franchise had acquired advanced alien artifacts that were neither zerg nor protoss in origin. Soon after, zerg forces invaded any store bearing the name Dob's Guns. This caused business to collapse as investors quickly sold their shares to avoid any backlash of the franchise's loss.

Now, the stores just exist to grow hybrid weapons for infested terrans enhancing the zerg's forces.


  • Infested gauss rifles - increase damage by +2
  • Infested combat shield - increase health by +20 and +2 armor
  • Viral grenades - deals 80 damage to target area. Has 50% chance to infest terran infantry unit
  • Acid turret - deploys an infested turret that deals 10 damage to ground targets
  • Glaive Spider - gain ranged attack and 20% to hijack vehicle
  • Bone Crawler - gain +10 melee attack vs light armor
  • Foam Claws - gain +2,000 melee damage
  • Dr. Poots - fire two Black and White missiles from a stuffed Jackalope that destroy each other causing 5,000 explosive splash damage in a random area

Training ProgramsEdit

  • Belly flop - inflict -50 damage to self
  • Bite My Glorious Golden Daffodil Ass - taunt enemy forces into attacking
  • Evil eye - stun enemy forces (eye drops not included)
  • PIMPle slap - hit enemy with acidic boil for 100 damage, 30% chance of poision, and 87% chance of inducing vomit

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