This isn't madness it's progress

Domera is a powerful Protoss ex-scientist and Khala heretic.

In her youth, she studied at the same training ground as Aldaris of the Judicator Caste. For a time they were very close friends despite their differing beliefs and philosophies. As one of the most powerful and brilliant students, many thought that she had great potential and destined for greatness. It was not until she proposed controversial ideas on the heratics that she began to lose support. Stubborn to the end, Domera could not be swayed to change her mind even by her friends and family. Using all the resources left to her, she disappeared from Aiur never to be heard from for centuries.

When word got out that a rogue ship defied the Great Stewardship and abducted primitive life forms, the newly appointed Judicator Aldaris set out to stop this heresy. Once his expedition captured the craft, he was shocked to discover that the perpetrator was none other that his former fellow student. Changed by her experiments with Void energies, she resembled little of how he remembered her. Fighting back the revulsion of seeing the mutilated abducted, he tried to appealed Domera to surrender peacefully. Instead of heeding his pleas, Domera unleashed a powerful psionic storm across the fleet killing many and stunning the rest. This gave her enough time to perform a random Dimensional Recall escaping the fleet to worlds unknown. After this experience, Aldaris became considerably bitter.

Now marked as the "Wretched", Domera is wanted for execution by both the Khala and Dark Templar for performing unsanctioned experiments, mass murder, and countless other crimes (Babylon 5: Jha'dur; Stargate - SG1: Loki; Naruto: Orochimaru). It is rumored that she is now following the advice of a mysterious being offering secrets of the Xel'Naga in exchange for her service.

Special abilities: Domera's Hero unit is a modified Arbiter armed with prismatic beams.

  • Cloaking Field (passive) - cloaks all nearby friendly units except for the unit itself
  • Recall - teleports a group of friendly units within a 5 x 5 area to the unit's location
  • Stasis Field - can prevent units in a target area from moving, attacking, or using special abilities. Trapped units may not be attacked or affected by special abilities
  • Summon Hybrid Reaver - warps in a short lived Hybrid Reaver to attack enemy forces
  • Replication - deploys two Replicants that copy and attack enemy forces. Replicants can not copy massive units

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