The X-20 Dragonslayer is a type of Terran missile ordnance.

Each missile houses a micro-fusion warhead made to implode with enough force to destroy a small squadron of fighters or cripple a frigate. If a Dragonslayer can get inside large capital ships, it can cause a chain reaction of multiple secondary explosions that will eventually destroy the ship (Star Wars: N-1 starfighter; Stargate - Atlantis: Daedalus).

Due to Protoss plasma shields and recent developments in force fields, the missile can be augmented with EM disruption technology to bypass most energy barriers (Mass Effect: Disruptor Torpedoes). This technology comes with a high manufacturing cost which forces Dragonslayers to be used in tactically specific missions. As such, the missile is often equipped to Yellow Jacket UAVs for their stealth, speed, and maneuverability.


  • Can be mounted on ships, fighters and drones
  • Can take down a Battlecruiser if it gets through defenses
  • Can be equipped with EM disruption technology to bypass energy shielding


  • Requires target lock before being launched
  • High cost makes it difficult to mass produce
  • Can be intercepted by point defense lasers

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