The Dynamo is a Vaul high speed scouting series.

With the creation of the Pinion and Ronin series infantry units, the Vaul felt that they could focus on support vehicles to increase the effectiveness of there ground forces. One role that needed to be filled was a scouting unit that could get in and out of combat zones with minimum damage and detection. In their observations with the Terrans, the Vaul found high speed vehicles such as Vultures and Hellions to excel at hit-and-run tactics. Enemy forces would scrabble everywhere to find and stop these units from doing too much damage. Once enemies could retaliate, the scouting party would be long gone causing carnage elsewhere. Using data on scouting vehicles, the Vaul developed the high speed Dynamo attack cycle.

Resembling an armored Turbo coupe, Dynamos harass enemy ground forces with unmatched speed and ferocity (Halo: Prowler). A combination of wheels and anti-gravity emitters allow them to handle more armor and equipment a Vulture ever could. This includes near Siege Tank level plating used to maximize attack resilience while maintaining high speed and maneuverability. Modified Hi-Sec Auto Tracking and lightspeed processing give Dynamos unparalleled precision and reflexes on the ground (Terminator: Moto-Terminator). Combined with their dual Tachyon Pulse Laser array, they whittle down squads of infantry and lightly armored vehicles as a mobile sniper.

Dynamos are one of the few units that gain new powers when Interfaced with a Cog. While Interfaced, their speed is augmented with modified Chrono Boost technology. At hypersonic speeds, Dynamos appear to leave a trail of light in their wake making it nearly impossible to attack them while moving (Tron: Light Cycle). Due to the size of the chrono field, a small group of friendly units can draft along side interfaced Dynamos increasing the mobility of hit-and-run groups. The field also has the added effect of shifting the mass of anything within it slightly out of phase from normal space. Chrono Boosted scouting parties simply bypass obstructions and into the heart of enemy bases wreaking havoc along the way (DC Comics: Flash). The only drawbacks to Overclocking are the inability for units to attack while in the field and enemy weapons still being effective in causing damage.

Special abilities:

  • Overclock (INTERFACE) - unit speed is increased to maximum. Friendly units within a 3x3 matrix can draft with the interfaced unit and phase through obstacles such as Supply Depots and Destructible Rocks. Units within the field need to exit it before attacking

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