Got Stims?

The E-Lemonador is a Terran beverage dispenser and security warbot.

Developed by Rel-X Inc., E-Lemonadors are found throughout terran space in both civilian and military installations. In standby mode, the machines appear as regular vending machines giving out commercial drinks and sometimes medical supplies (Borderlands: Medical Vending machine).

If a threat is detected, the machines transform into their warbot mode attacking with their arms or launching beverage cans at hypersonic speeds (Transformers - Live: Dispensor). Advanced A.I.s allow the E-Lemonadors to decide the best ammunition to used against a specific target. For the Zerg, they primarily use lemonade due to the Zerglings well known weakness. For the Protoss, Dr. Pandaren seems quite effective in disorienting the most agile of Zealots. For extreme conditions, E-Lemonadors are authorized to use a combination of Nuke cola and a banded candy to devastate an army of Ultralisks (Simpsons: Homer Badman).

Special abilities:

  • Vending mode:
    • Detector - reveals cloaked and burrowed units
    • Beverage dispensing (passive) - quenches thirst of nearest biological infantry unit
    • Medkit dispensing (autocast) - heals nearest friendly/allied biological unit by 25HPs instantly
  • Battle mode:
    • Nuclear Winner - deploys a Nuke Cola missile that deals 1,000,000 explosive splash damage to target area

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