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Emergency Medical and Tactical (EMT) Dropships are designed to be one of the fastest transports in existence. They are the annexed counterpart to the Terran Medivac dropship.

Though most the vessel's superstructure is similar to its predecessor, the engines have been replaced with hybridized Protoss Gravitic thruster technology. These appear as arrowheads that alternate between horizontal and vertical positions for high-speed maneuvering (Star Wars: TIE/In interceptor). The thrusters can attain warp space jumps and maintain those speeds for weeks without needing to refuel.

Generally unarmed, EMTs are equipped with Force field emitters modified with Protoss plasma shield technology. When activated, anything in the area cast is immobilized within an energy bubble in a manner similar to an Arbiter's Stasis Field (Reboot: File Lock). Captured units can not move or attack within the matrix, but can be attacked as if under the affects of a Lockdown device. Because of energy requirement in maintaining the shield, EMTs usually reserve it for Quarantining small clusters of enemy forces.

EMTs do retain the Medivac's medical equipment with some hybrid alien technology. Advanced Protoss medical and nano-technology make healing troops in and outside the ship considerably more efficient. Medical A.I.s instantly adapt nanite programming to accommodate for the biology of all known races. This makes EMTs invaluable in prolonging the lives of any biological unit on the ground or air.

Special abilities:

  • Heal (autocast) - restores 8 HPs per energy on any targeted biological unit
  • Quarantine - units in area cast are immobilized in a bubble. Affected units can not move, attack, or cast spells, but are capable of being attacked. Effect lasts for 30 seconds

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Mass Revive - Heals all biological units in the area of effect to 100% Life points. This ability consumes all the EMT's energy when used
  • Tele-sweep (passive) - Dropship uses a Transmatter array to load and unload target friendly units instantly. Device adds an extra +4 transport size worth of cargo

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