The Eclipse core is an incomplete command vessel used mainly for base support and defense.

In support roles, the core can still provide MASS RECALLS for troops. This is essential for calling reinforcements during seiges or saving allies inches from destruction. For defensive roles, it can charge up and produce a powerful energy NOVA like the device used in the invasion of Char. By modifying the wave's energy frequency, it can now effect any race, not just the Protoss and Zerg at the cost of power.

Utilizing similar phase-shift technology as the Nighthawk, Eclipse cores generate a type of DEAD ZONE where ground units are shifted out of phase with normal space (Starcraft II concepts: Oracle/Development; Warcraft III: Blood Mage; Stargate SG-1: Arthur's Mantle). This can be useful in preventing enemy hit-and-run forces from doing any significant damage. Side effect of being shifted into a Dead Zone include slower movements and increased susceptibility to special weapons. Even an EMP can cripple moderately sized targets like a Hydralisk when out of phase.

Like its counterpart, a fully constructed Eclipse can be costly to build from scratch. If there are no Motherships present to annex, constructing an Eclipse core is a decent alternative. When enough resources are harvested, the cores can choose to develop into their warship form or a Rip-field generator similar to the ones used on Xel'Naga worldships.

By transforming into a Rip-field generator, they can emit a planet wide rip-field. Enemy forces without plasma shielding to will have difficulty moving without suffering damage. The only drawbacks to this form is its inability to move or use any other abilities. To compensate, the cores gain more powerful shielding to weather some of the most powerful of attacks.

Special abilities:

  • NOVA - the core unleashes 550 damage to all enemy units. Surviving units then take 250 damage over the next 15 seconds
  • MASS RECALL - teleports all units in an area 7 from an Eclipse core to a Dark Nexus
  • DEAD ZONE - creates a spatial field that slows all ground unit movement within a 3.5 radius by 50%. Units within become ethereal and cannot attack, but can use special weapons. Ethereal units also take extra damage from special weapons such as Psionic Storm, EMP Shot, and Fungal Growth
  • TRANSFORM ECLIPSE CORE TO ECLIPSE OR RIP-FIELD GENERATOR - the Eclipse core transforms into an Eclipse or a Rip-field generator

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