Edward Warfield is the child of Horace Warfield and Lucy Far, however because his father paid little attention to him he prefers to use his mother surname. He was a important part in the Hybrid Emergence War. 



After returning to Tarsonas after a battle in during the early stages of the Guild Wars, a private Horace Warfield celebrated his victory with a number of fellow marines, at a club that Lucy Far worked at as a waitress, during which Horace got very drunk. Four months later, Lucy contacted Horace, and revealed she was carrying his baby. A marriage was quickly arranged by their parents, five months later Lucy gave birth to Edward in the hospital that Horace's parents worked in. However a month earlier Horace had volunteered to go quell a mining uprising. He saw his son for the first time 2 months later.

Early LifeEdit

During Edward's early years, his father tried to distance himself from his wife and child, mainly due to embarrassment. Therefore few of his fellow marines even knew he had a wife. Although Lucy partially understood, Edward grew up resenting his father and took to using his mothers surname.

Edward was however interested in the military, and despite pretending not to be interested, he like hearing his fathers stories about his battles, which due to his rare visits did not happen that often. These were Edward's only fond memories of his father.

Fall of KorhalEdit

When Korhal was bombarded and distroid by nuclear missiles, Horace, at this point a Lieutenant Colonel, sent a message to Lucy telling her to take Edward and leave Tarsonas, and find their way to Umoja.

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