Healing Commencing

The Eir Medical Droid, named after the Norse goddess of healing, is a mechanical alternative to medics, which can also mend mechanical units.


Developed by the Confederacy to be used instead of sending medical officers into the field, which did eventually become practice, the Eir Droid was never put into mass use after the Confederacy fell. The research lab on Mistaff IV was abandoned, although all the designs and programming remained for the Eir Droid and other projects.

A while later, the lab was used as refuge for a large number of ghosts that had fled the extermination of half the Ghosts in the Ghost Program. The Ghost where being hunted by a Dominion task force, and many of the Ghosts planned to escape on their own. However one, named John, managed to rally them to work together. Technopath Bart Nye managed to get some of the projects working, including the Eir Droid which was used to heal ghosts injured when the strike force attacked. The droids were then loaded onto the Hermes transport, which was eventually used by the surviving Ghosts to escape an explosion set off by them, to make the Dominion believe they died.

The Eir Medical Droid continued by the newly formed Psionics United to heal ghosts injured in battles.


Eir Droids are mainly used in med labs, however during large battles it is not uncommon to see them healing ghosts and mechanical units on the battlefields. When it comes to fighting, Eir Droids are useless as they are not programmed for violent action. However some ghosts have complained of the Droids causing non-necessary pain during operations to ghosts that have in the past been rude to them.


The Eir Droid can heal both organic units, and mechanical ones. They must switch between "Healing" and "Repairing" modes to heal the respective unit, which takes a few minutes. While healing can be done from a distance, repairing must be done next to the targeted mechanical unit. The upgrade Cloaking Nanoplates allows the Eir Droid to cloak, however it can not cloak while healing/repairing.

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