The Encoder researches and stores information on improvements to Vaul support units.

All forms of technology ranging from biological, psionic, and nanotechnology that exists for Vaul forces is sent here before being redirected to the nearest Terminal. Any kind advancement made by the known races, no matter how small, it usually filtered here and assessed for potential usage. Most nanotechnologies developed here are focused on construction and maintenance, but can easily be reprogrammed for military/combat purposes. If the Protoss or Terrans get a hold of this building, they can produce Anti-zerg nanites in the millions.

These structures contain psionic and technological upgrades for infantry support units to stand on equal footing with Protoss ones. Due to many of the Protoss' psionic techniques being based off Xel'Naga teachings, the Vaul have created multiple defenses by comparing "acquired" and archived information.

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