Enriched Vespene is a variant of the regular gas used in the Koprulu Sector.

Heavily processed into a more concentrated and unstable form, Enriched Vespene appears as a vibrant blue liquid producing a much greater energy output than regular gas (Stargate - SG-1: Naquadria). When used by machines, efficiency levels increase ranging from 200-500%. When used by the Zerg, the catalytic effects double if not triple mutation, metabolism and tissue growth rates.

Due to its unstable nature, Enriched Vespene can cause random explosions if not handled carefully. To avoid this most of the fuel is used in vessels with advanced A.I.s that can constantly monitor for any anomalies.


  • Mechanical units increase in speed by +50%
  • Zerg mutation rates increase by +50%
  • Explosive units gain +100 extra damage
  • Spellcasters and subunits gain +50 energy

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