Environmental Hazards are external forces that affect units and structures no matter what affiliation.

These forces vary on where they are located such as an active volcano or ice planet. In general, environmental effects will have a negative impact on anything that has not adapted defenses against it.

Survivability RatingEdit

All environmental hazards can be rated in survivability from Classes I-V:

  • Class I - units and structures are undamaged. May need medical attention or minor repairs
  • Class II - units receive damage but structures are intact. May need medical attention
  • Class III - units and structures are damaged. Can be healed or repaired
  • Class IV - units are instantly destroyed and structures receive damage
  • Class V - units and structures are instantly destroyed

Known Environmental EffectsEdit

Asteroid ShowerEdit

  • Found: Asteroid belts
  • Effects: damages units and structures in the belt
  • Survivability: III

Flash FreezeEdit

  • Found: Icy areas
  • Effects: freezes units and structures
  • Survivability: I

Lava SurgeEdit

  • Found: Volcanic areas
  • Effects: instantly destroys units and structures submerged in it
  • Survivability: V


  • Found: Star system going nova
  • Effects: slowly damages units and structures
  • Survivability: III-V


  • Found: Mountainous areas
  • Effects: scatters units randomly
  • Survivability: II


  • Found: Planets and Moons
  • Effects: scatters and stuns ground units and damages structures
  • Survivability: II-III

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