Chapter 1: The ProtossEdit

A Carrier was heading toward a planet called earth.
Typhon(Tie-fun):are you sure Drealan(Dray-lun)?
Drealan:you and Mallock(mah-luk) both.
Typhon: yes sir.
Typhon and mallock left the room.
Drealan:Do all agree then.
All of the high council: yes sir!!!
The carrier landed. The earths 5 leaders,America,Russia,Japan,China, and England,Drealan and his servants came in a room. they all sat down except for Drealan's servants.
American leader:So you want our armies to make a truce.
Russian leader: I,m not sure about this.
Drealan: but do we make a truce?
All(except The Russian leader):yes.
Drealan(Looks at the Russian leader):Technically, if The Russian leader doesn't truce, he's an enemy.
The British Leader:And that means he's our enemy too?


The Russian Leader Ran out of the room.He went into the virus room with the other leaders,Drealan, and his servants chasing him. The Russian leader took a virus and got in a Russian wraith. He called his army for a battle.

Chapter 2:Heavy battleEdit

The following is a battle of 4 Terran and 1 Protoss team fighting 1 Terran faction
Gui:Besides training,this is my first battle
4 Dropships and 1 shuttle dropped 5 teams of men
The american leader:British,distract them,Japanese,Go all out on the infantry,Chinese,your snipers,protoss,take out the tanks,we'll sneak through and take out the russian leader.
The British went through screaming.
The British leader:Im Gonna Die!!!
A Marine then got Blown to pieces By a tank. Meanwhile Then chinese stood on cliffs shootin heads off.
The chinese leader:attack!!!

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