"Subject appears to be stable... (Squelching sound). Subject appears to be inside out... (Sploom). Subject appears to have exploded."

An Ex-PAX Scientist is a former researcher from the lost Protoss Advance/Experimental Facility.

Once, they assisted in pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration. There work was often controversial to the other castes and fellow scientists. After the loss of Aiur, the remaining leaders gave them some freedom in researching ways to defeat the Zerg. As the extent of these experiments became too unethical, some the staff resigned to lesser posts (Mass Effect 3: Ex-Cerberus). When reports of the facilities destruction reached them, most felt a mix of grief for former colleagues and relief form the horrific tragedy. As a way of atonement, all remaining researchers requested to assist in reclaiming Aiur. Though met with some resistance, the leaders could not ignore the need for highly skilled workers at such an important juncture.

Like all from the Khalai-caste, Ex-PAX Scientists lack combat training. To compensate, they have various support abilities and psionic techniques unique to their profession. Along with this is a host of new technologies previously forbidden by the Judicators before the Great War. These innovations can help tip multiple battles in the Protoss' favor if employed tactfully.

Some of their innovations include a combination stasis field, analyser, and psionic communications device. Once deployed on a target, it immediately immobilizes it and scans for all weaknesses before relaying them to allies. This boosts combat efficiency greatly by telling allies where to hit when encountering a new threat (Team Fortress 2: Kritzkrieg).

Due to the lack quality facilities, most of their innovations are prototypes producing completely random results (Mega Man: Eddie; Pokemon: Present; Hunter x Hunter: Kite). Some produce healing pods, stasis wards, chrono-rifts, chrono-boosts, and Stone Guardians to name a few. Regardless, all help is more or less welcomed when it comes to reclaiming everything lost.

Special abilities:

  • Detector - may detect cloaked or burrowed enemies
  • VOID DISSECTION - target unit is trapped in a floating sphere of psionic energy. All allies gain +250% damage to the same units as the target for 20 seconds or until caster is destroyed
  • PROTO-CUBE - deploys a device that produces random effects ranging from healing, slowing/freezing/accelerating allies/enemies or constructing a short-lived photon cannon/stone guardian
  • CHRONO SCHOLAR - boosts upgrade speed by +900% and reduces resource cost by -150%

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