Aiur is Dead. As are you.

The Exile is a basic close-quarters infantry unit.

After the exodus of their home world, many Protoss warriors at the Warp Gate remained to prevent the Zerg from passing through the portal. Some of these warriors died fighting the Zerg, others were less fortunate and met Ulrezaj. Researching Xel'Naga records on trace psionics, the Vaul were able to use Khaydarin Crystal technology to harness the remnant rage of the fallen warriors. Using records of Protoss DNA, fully adult Protoss were cloned and "programmed" with the experience and eternal rage of the most fearsome psionic templates they could find.

Designated as Exiles, these clone warriors wear armor similar to normal Zealots, but with Dark Templar color schemes. The Exiles are genetically bred to resist pain to degrees that would daunt even the most experienced High Templar. Neural implants are installed to assist in reducing nearly all types of neural shocks that would cause instant comas or death. The armor of the Exile boasts stronger plasma shields to keep the warrior alive longer in prolonged engagements. The Exile's combat potential is increased by the addition of cybernetic technology to ensure victory over the unit's counterpart. Some of the most easily noticed additions are extra cybernetic arms on each side of their bodies (Star Wars - Rise of the Empire era: General Grievous). These arms give Exiles both twice the attack power of a regular Zealot and a large chance to do critical damage to enemies that get too close.

With Aiur lost, the Protoss found themselves lacking in resources to sustain what is left of their forces. In such desperate times, medical or science experts searched for new ways to survive. Using what little they had, multiple experiments with zerg tissue samples began. Through much trial and error, the researchers finally managed to "tame" some samples enough to use for medical research. This research lead to the development of Bio-Suits by the Vaul.

Using a channeling technique known as Kinesis, Exiles boost regeneration of their plasma shields when not in combat. The channeled energy is also used by bio-suits to act as in built medical systems accelerating healing to damaged organs (Naruto: Yin Healing Wound Destruction). In combat simulations, the suits proved to increase infantry life spans by 20% making them a deciding factor in most conventional ground engagements.

Special abilities:

  • Charge - unit quickly approaches enemy units within a certain range. Speed is also increased
  • Kinesis (passive) - unit doubles health and shield regeneration rate when not being attacked

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