The F-34 Hoplite is a Terran revolver used mainly by civilians on Fringe Worlds.

Relatively cheap to afford and easy to maintain, the F-34 series is the main sidearm of civilian police and militia post-Brood Wars. Though each can only hold a maximum of 6 rounds in their chambers, the stopping power of each bullet can pierce through carapaces of small to medium Zerg strains (Gears of War: Boltok Pistol). The stopping power can further be augmented with the use of adamantine rounds allowing for armor penetration.

Against more heavily armored assailants, F-34 Hoplites can only slow or stun them long enough to switch to a more powerful firearm.


  • Moderate to High damage against light armor
  • Good accuracy at short to medium range
  • Can be dual wielded
  • Can slow down targets
  • Can use adamantine rounds to add armor-piercing damage


  • Slow to reload
  • Weak against heavy armor and vehicles
  • Poor accuracy at long ranges

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