Racial Overview Edit

Little is known of the Farxaa and their history and origins. They are a recent arrival to the Koprulu Sector and the complete extent of their technology and capabilities isn't fully known at the moment. No actual communications have been established between them and the other races yet, and all encounters with them so far have proven to be hostile, often with the Farxaa attacking the other races on sight.

Overview Edit

  • Most basic unit is easily mass produced but often outmatched by even Zerglings and Marines. The rest are very powerful, but often come in smaller numbers than Protoss.
  • Relation to Xel'naga and/or other races unknown. Seem mostly uninterested in Xel'naga artifacts.
  • Most units appear to be either cybernetic or completely mechanical in nature.
  • Units have "mitigation fields" that are somewhat similar to Protoss plasma shields, but capable of regenerating faster and in the middle of combat. However, mitigation fields are generally somewhat less potent than plasma shielding and cannot completely block damage from continuous attacks or a single, really powerful attack before depletion.
  • Tactics and strategies: Elite, heavy and mobile few or Cannon-Fodder with Heavy Support
  • Adviser/Commander: Overwatcher/Commander
  • Signature abilities: Mitigation Fields
  • Construction colors: Grey, Brown, Purple
  • Technology Rating: Full extent unknown, presumed 3.5 to 4
  • Psionics Rating: Full extent unknown, presumed 2 to 3.5

For a list of Buildings, click here.

For a list of Units, click here.

Trivia Edit

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