Expendable crews at reasonable prices

Ferrius Frontiers is a Terran exploration, colonization and transport agency.

Prominent among the Fringe Worlds, they are responsible for the discovery and settlement of nearly 35% of the known worlds in Terran space. Maintaining a fleet of over 100 ships ranging from old Hercules dropships to the newer Samson-class dropships, Ferrius Frontiers transports hundreds of people, food, weapons, and etc. across the Koprulu Sector every standard day.

Dominion authorities have accused Ferrius Frontiers of smuggling contraband goods including alien technology to several criminal factions; however, they have yet to find any solid evidence to support these claims.

After the Zerg's return, many desperate survivors have contracted the company to take them to safer worlds at record high prices. Though moneygrubbing, Ferrius Frontiers is one of the few aerospace transportation companies willing to deal with the colonists than the Dominion military.

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