Twice the slaughter and half the minerals.

The Foreman is an advanced Protoss Probe hero.

Made for high ranking commanders, this modified robot can make even the smallest colonial settlement a heavily guarded military base. Enhanced computation crystals allow it to calculate and command standard probes to go where they are needed. Like a Nexus, It can OVERCLOCK nearby probes into working faster and carrying more resources more efficiently.

If the Foreman finds itself in a combat situation, it can ignore safety protocols and warp in Photon Cannons within targets for self-defense (ReBoot: Castles and Knights). Though draining, it is incredibly effective in dispatching threats instantly. This can be especially devastating to high level enemy forces such as Thors and Colossi.

Using forbidden Xel'Naga technology, the robot can subtly COUNTERMAND enemy workers to build or demolish their own structures. This can cause tremendous chaos within enemy bases while giving the Foreman's allies time to build strength (The Simpsons: The PTA Disbands). Enemy commanders are always infuriated at the unknown source of these disturbances.

A more powerful version of this ability allows the Foreman to cause workers and buildings from an entire enemy base to shut down completely. Nothing can be researched, built or mutated until the effect is removed. To undo this WORKER STRIKE, owners of the base must give up a huge chunk of their resource piles before normal functions can resume. This can cripple enemies for an unknown length of time as the price is enough to force them to restart from scratch. Against a single enemy force, this can easily turn the tide. If facing multiple enemy forces, a Foreman can take off pressure from one of the most dangerous fronts.

Special abilities:

  • OVERCLOCK - increases movement speed of friendly Probes by 300% and carrying capacity by +4
  • X-WARP - warp in a Photon Cannon a target unit
  • COUNTERMAND - cause enemy worker to build/demolish random structure
  • WORKERS STRIKE (ULTIMATE) - cause target enemy forces to shut down all non-combat functions. Normal functions will resume once donation of 10,000,000,000 Minerals and Vespene Gas is paid

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