The Freedom-class Frigate was a model of warship widely used in the Gantris Sector.


The Freedom-class Frigate was first constructed in the year 2502. It was the first warship model native to the sector and thus became widely used during the Gantris Revolt. The work of the Mikoyan Alliance advisors is shown by the craft's heavy fighter compliment, and their lack of experience with craft this size carrying fighters cost United Earth Directorate forces badly. This led to the UED developing the Geirdriful-class Frigate as a direct counter to the Freedom class. But despite the design's great success the leaders of Gantris found a few points in the design they disliked leading to the Victoria-class frigate entering service as a successor by the conflict's midpoint and a second successor design entering service soon after the war ended. After the revolt ended most of the surviving Freedoms became training vessels or defense craft for poorer worlds in the sector.


The Freedom-class Frigate is 235 meters long, carrying a standard crew of 750 with room for 250 troops, and a single platoon of ground vehicles onboard. It carries a warp drive for interstellar travel. For armaments it carries 6 anti-ship laser beam batteries, and 3 anti-ship Gauss cannon batteries along with 4 ship to ship missile launchers. It also has 24 point-defense laser mounts, and 16 point-defense Gauss cannon mounts. Its hanger carries 30 fighters and 5 shuttles.

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