The Fusion Bug is the annexed counterpart of the Terran Widow mine.

Because of the Widow mine's basic designs, it is easy to reformat and equip their structures with more advanced technology. Completely replacing sentinel missiles are plasma torpedoes based off energy weapons reverse engineered from Dragoons. Once fired, the torpedoes impact with twice the firepower of their counterparts.

To enhance their mobility and resistance to enemy attacks, Fusion bugs are more streamlined with lighter and tougher armor alloys (Halo Wars: Locust). The alloy armor also prevents premature detonation from extreme heat from volcanic environments and energy weapons. Using drilling claws based off Zerg ground strains, Fusion bugs can burrow and unburrow instantly for ambushes or quick retreats. In the likelihood of close quarter combat, the drilling claws deal fairly good damage against lightly armored opponents.

What sets them apart from their counterparts is their ability to combine with other Fusion bugs using modified Interface technology. Once combined, the robots form an immobile radiation generator projecting a dome of concentrated Gamma and Sigma radiation (Starcraft II concepts: Shredder; Star Wars - the Clone Wars: Demolition droid; Avengers - Earth's Mightest Heroes: Gamma Dome). Though not as powerful as psionic storms, the field generated disintegrates nearly anything at the molecular level over time. However, its damage rate can be boosted by another Fusion bug combining with the other two. This makes it difficult for enemy forces without plasma or heavy shielding to move without receive massive amounts of radiation. To prevent plasma shielded opponents from destroying the bugs, long ranged artillery is usually stationed just outside the radiation field supported by spotters.

Special abilities:

  • Plasma Warhead (autocast) - the Fusion bug fires a plasma torpedo that deals 250 damage (+70 vs shields) and 80 splash damage. This ability activates when the unit is burrowed and deactivates when unburrowed
  • Activate Mine (autocast) - unit burrows activating Plasma warhead ability
  • Rad Generator (Interface) - unit combines with another unit to generate a radiation dome dealing 3 damage per second. Rad generator can merge with another Fusion bug to boost damage rate and area-of-effect by +2 (max: 3 units per generator). The Rad Generator cannot move or attack with torpedoes while combined

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