Fusion cannons are more advanced versions of the Ion Cannon used on Tarsonis created after commandeering a Xel'naga outpost.

Particle accelerators energize atoms and magnetically launches them at enemy forces. Bolts fired are several times more powerful than a Yamato Gun. One to two shots is enough to take down a Leviathan. Reinforced with heavy Neosteel armor, it would take several nuclear strikes to completely destroy the structure.

The main flaws in the Cannon's design is its inability to attack ground forces and long charging time. This makes them highly vulnerable to ground assaults much like regular missile turrets. To compensate for this, each cannon has an underground factory that can construct several types of defense robots. While the cannon provides planetary defense operations,  its defense drones slaughter anything within sensor range.

Additional defense can be manufactured in the factory such as auto and perdition turrets. By linking the turrets up with the Fusion Cannon's power source, they no longer have to worry about losing power.

Special abilities:

  • Reinforced armor (passive) - maxes out armor to 10 and reduces all attack types by 50%
  • Build Patriot - constructs a versatile combat mech
  • Build Hellraiser - constructs a ground assault mech
  • Build Noble - constructs an anti-air mech
  • Auto-Turret - deploys auto-turret for additional defense. Turret has no time limit
  • Perdition Turret - deploys perdition turret for additional defense. Turret has no time limit