The Gantris Coalition was a loose alliance formed by the newly independent worlds of the Gantris sector in the wake of the Gantris Revolt.


While the worlds of the Gantris sector had no desire to create a new power to oppress them they recognized a need for an organization to mediate disputes and coordinate defense. As a result they formed the coalition with had little real power outside of military affairs unless aide was requested by member worlds. Despite many political changes among the worlds composing it the coalition stood until 2568 when an invasion fleet loyal to the Reformed United Planets League invaded the sector following the conquest of the majority of Terran worlds in the Koprulu Sector seeking mutants fleeing the Second Purification Project.


Each Coalition world maintains a militia while contributing personal and funding to the main Gantris Coalition Defense Force. However the strength of these militias varies greatly. Some have small capital ship fleets and fully equipped armies while others have a handful of starfighters and a few infantry platoons.

The organization of the main defense force is heavily influenced by the Mikoyan Alliance advisers who aided the rebellion and places a strong influence on starfighter based power projection.

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