Sable's flagship, the Gantrithor II, is patterned after Xel'Naga Worldship designs found in the ruins from Char, Aiur, and other worlds. His head researcher and expert in Xel'Naga artifacts, Xel Hassodin, aided him in the creation.

It is five times the size of a normal Protoss Carrier and is equipped with the newer model of robotic interceptors. Still in development these newer models; aptly named: "Destroyers", are faster and have built in EMP repulsers (which negates EMP, as well as Lockdown attacks). This allows them to fight more effectively against the mechanical weapons of the Terran.

The Gantrithor II, naturally, is also equipped with this technology, as well as a built in Prismatic Beam armaments. This is due to the crystal reactor within, which has a plethora of different crystal types. It is rumored to harbor other beam-based attacks, though there has been no confirmation to these rumors. The Gantrithor II also uses a highly sought after weapon, which is the result of terran and Protoss technologies merging: The Phaeros Field.

The Phaeros Field combines the Warp Field technology of the arbiters and the EMP technology of the Terran; thus disabling all energy in the area and warping in reinforcements. The pinnacle however of this mighty warship is the built in Jal'Ras crystal which powers it's engine. The Jal'Ras lining in its armor, as well as it being the source of it's power, prevents any templar, Zerg, or other entity from warping in near it, or on it without using a Phaeros Jump.GANTRITHOR II