Garuntas, also known as thunder birds, are a flying creature native to Aiur.

Looking like a cross between a Kakaru and manta ray, they were once psionic hunting partners with the primordial Protoss. Roughly the size of a Terran hawk, the creature can fly a high speeds at equally great heights. Ferocious to the extreme, it takes intense mental discipline to tame them. Once bonded to a partner, Garuntas are beyond loyal as if an extension of the tamer. Some even perch themselves on the shoulders or arms of the tamers when not seeking or attacking prey.

While hunting, the creatures relayed information from the skies allowing hunters to have a rough idea how close they were to catching their prey. Once located, they would let out an ear piercing call that can temporarily stun most small to medium sized beings. If that is not enough, Garuntas will peck and scratch at the target's soft spots in order to cripple it before help arrives. Using their limited psionic sensitivity, they can tell how much their prey is hurting by the level of anger and panic.

They played an essential role in the Aeon of Strife as scouts and trackers locating the originators of most psionic storms keeping just outside the storms reach.

Special abilities:

  • Psionic Radar - can detect psionic targets at great distance
  • Shriek - stuns biological target for 10 seconds

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