“Enormously powerful single-shot sniper rifle; its 24-megajoule solid-state capacitor bank with state-of-the-art, high-efficiency solid-state switches, rectifiers, and hyper-dense capacitor sends projectiles at hypersonic velocities, making this weapon indispensable against heavily armored personnel, all ground vehicles and tanks, light to medium mechs, light fortifications, and can do so at long distances.”

-In-game Description

The Gauss Sabot Gun is a Terran semi-automatic coilgun of TarKossian origin. It launches .50-caliber-sized (12.7 x 126mm) Nanosteel armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) darts at velocities 20 times greater than the speed of sound (or 22,328.7402 ft/s in real-world terms), allowing the extremely hard and light rounds to pierce several CMC Marine Armor suits, or pierce 2 inches of steel whilst maintaining its extreme velocity. Because of this, it is the most powerful non-explosive, semi-automatic, and gunpowder-less rifle the Terrans have ever manufactured.

Only Ghost agents, veteran marksmen (or at least marksmen affiliated with an elite unit), and elite special forces units (Designated Commandos) have access to this weapon. This weapon supplements (or has entirely replaced) the BOSUN FN92 rifle.

This weapon is set to appear in the custom campaign StarCraft: Viper Squadron.

Gameplay Edit

The Gauss Sabot Gun is incredibly strong against Armor (70 Base Damage + 50 vs. Armor), making this weapon the strongest weapon in the game. It is however heavily offset by its very slow rate of fire (1 shot every 2 real-world seconds), so players are cautioned against going head-on without an army first. They should, however, prioritize very powerful units (such as the Ultralisk) as its damage can make quick work of them (It takes 5 shots to down an Ultralisk).

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon is manufactured by the TarKossian defense company TarKossia Electromagnetic Weapons Research, which is based in TarKossia; the birthworld of siblings Sarah and James Kerrigan.
  • The weapon's appearance is based on the master skin of Nova Terra, as shown in Heroes of the Storm.

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