Hmm...Needs more gun.

The Gearhead Corps is a Terran mercenary group composed of former Dominion Engineering Corps members. After serving their military service, several technicians and engineers teamed up lending their exceptional skills all over terran space.

Most contracts usually involve mining in dangerous areas, or construction and maintenance of space platforms and planetary defenses. Through several campaigns, the Gearhead Corps is known for getting the job done with a high success rate. This may be due to their extensive use of SCVs customized for combat and cutting edge defense turrets.

Rumor has it that the Gearheads still have contacts among the Domnion's R&D departments allowing them access to schematics of the most advanced experimental technology ever developed by terrans.

Price 25,000 Credits
Squad size 8 Elite SCVs
Squads per Mission 3
Cooldown 5 min.
Resource Cost 250 Minerals
  • +75% HPs, -50% repair and construction cost
  • Build permanent auto-turrets
  • Build Terran Campaign structures if unlocked by The Piper

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