The Ghulari are an elusive Dark Templar clan. Their age is unknown.


The Ghulari bear the most heavy metals of any other clan, and are characterized by their full-body power armor, which covers even the head and face of the wearer.


The most common armament of the Ghulari is a hand-held version of the common Warp Blade, which projects a split blade with two points.

The Ghulari are also the only known Dark Templar clan to implement an arm-mounted "Void Cannon" on one arm to be used in conjunction with a "Warp Shield" on the other arm, which projects a Warp Blade around its front edge, however, only Vindicators bear this equipment.


Members of the Ghulari clan are taught to charge into battle fearlessly, without thought of their own life.

The Ghulari delve into the forbidden reaches of the cosmic arts, utilizing the powers of material manipulation in a different way then the Lenassa. As such, Ghulari shamans have been known to possess the ability to focus the energies of the Void into disintegrating beams of energy. Members of the clan able to use this power are called Vindicators.


The Ghulari remove their nerve appendages so religiously, that they must wear their characteristic full-helms almost at all times to prevent the mass energy bleed that would occur due to the complete lack of any nerve appendages.

Ghulari translates to "Exiled" in Protoss.

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