GigaBite bars are energy bars consumed by Terrans.

They are often used by military forces and people with cybernetics for their high nutritional value. As cybernetic implants require large amounts of calories to function, GigaBite bars contain large amounts of carbohydrates and proteins to sustain users (Mass Effect: Biotics). Some come with varing amounts of immune boosters or suppressants depending on the patient's reaction to implants (Deus Ex - Human Revolution: Cyberboost Proenergy Bar and Neuropozyne).

There are also commercial versions used in military and survival ration packs. Because of their extensive use of powered armor, the extra energy provided by GigaBite bars can keep a soldier alive for an average of 2-3 days.


GigaBite ClassicEdit

  • Provides enough carbohydrates and protein for 3-4 days for an average terran adult
  • Contains no added drugs
  • Commonly used in military and civilian ration packages

GigaBite PlusEdit

  • Provides double the carbs of the classic variant
  • Contains immune boosters to prevent/fight infection
  • Commonly used by cyborgs adjusting to implants after 6-8 months

GigaBite LiteEdit

  • Provides half the amount of nutrients of the classic vairant
  • Contains immune suppressants to prevent rejection of implants
  • Commonly used by cyborgs during the firsts months of treatment


  • Rumors of Zerg raiding warehouses to use the bars in creep have been quashed by GigaBite's PR representatives stating it as a campaign by rival companies
  • The high protein content allows users to maintain "man tank-like" physiques
  • Cheap and easy to produce, the bars are sometimes used as currency by Marines (Gears of War: Ration Bars)

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