"A Spider?!? Get it.. BOOOM "
Donut (Red vs Blue: Blood Gulch)

Glaive spiders are a mutated strain of Glaive Wurms with more versatility in combat.

At first glance they appear as living disks with six to seven monomolecular blades on one edge (Predator: Shuriken). If an enemy gets too close, their blades can be used tear through all forms of light to medium armor. When thrown, Glaive Spiders seek out the closes warm body they sense and cut right through it. Should the target dodge the first attack, they immediately unfold the claws into wings and fly back to whoever threw them (Star Wars: Thud Bugs).

The strain can also be mutated with other adaptations to enhance their lethality in a variety of different situations. Mutations such as Poison glands can make even the superficial cuts deadly to an Roach within minutes. Acid glands increase penetration power of more heavily armored targets. Carapace hardening agents and bio-camouflage can make attacking Glaive Spiders extremely difficult.

Glaive Spiders can evolve segmented claws allow them to latch onto victims ensuring maximum damage (Alien: Facehugger). Segmented claws also grant them the ability to crawl into tight spaces to find sensitive targets to blow up. If the user has psionic abilities they can direct the spiders in more complex actions including hacking, assassination, and sabotage.

Their only weaknesses is the complete dependence on a host/user, low health, and short lifespan. Should the host/user cease to exist, the spiders become more lethargic and docile.


  • Can be used as melee weapon
  • Can be used in hacking, assassination, and sabotage
  • Can be mutated for different situations and targets


  • Once user is killed, it becomes more docile
  • Can be used by anyone when docile
  • Can not take too much damage without carapace mutation

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