Glops are a flying Zerg strain.

Consisting of mismatched DNA, this strain mutated at random from discarded piles of failed experiments. Glops form barely corporeal forms that float in the air like Overlords (Avengers - EMH: Doughboy). Despite their unstable nature, they are amazingly resistant to both kinetic and chemical attacks. Still psionically sensitive, they are often sent to distract enemy forces while more useful strains are sent to destroy valuable targets.

While incapable of attacking directly, Glops endure enemy fire before splattering across enemy shields and windows. This completely prevents enemy forces form seeing anything until the slime is removed. Battlecruisers and Carriers that survive such encounters have been known to be sent to star bases for months to get the stains out or replace components entirely.

Special abilities:

  • Splatter (passive) - unit blinds enemy air unit permanently or until unit is repaired for 3 months

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