Every credit goes to a good cause.

Gold Cross is an interstellar organization dedicated to providing medical aid to needy planets. With a reasonable sized fleet of Medivac dropships, they travel across several fringe worlds providing emergency assistance and if needed evacuation from Zerg invasion.

However, funding such a large organization is not cheap. Because of many of the main Terran factions imposing large taxes on the exchange of medical supplies, Gold Cross has had to resort to mercenary work to pay dues. Due to their great dedication and compassion, these brave people are willing to charge deep into zerg infested planets to save as many lives as possible, even if it is for free.

In some rare instances, some members have even saved the lives of a few Protoss in-between the Great wars. For such bravery, some Protoss have shared bits of their own healing technology with them. As such, Gold cross is one of the most technologically advanced Terran faction in terms of medicine.

Price 60,000 Credits
Squad size 3 Elite Medivac Dropships
Squads per Mission 2
Cooldown 6 min.
Resource Cost 300 Minerals 300 Vespene Gas
  • +25% Health, +100 Energy, +4 storage capacity
Bonus Tech Defibrillator - 80% chance of reviving biological ground units

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