Golden SCVs are a limited edition variant of the regular T-280 space construction vehicle.

Composed of bleeding edge technologies and extremely rare alloys, Golden SCVs are highly sought after by the most dedicated mining/engineering enthusiasts. Only 100 were ever constructed, each of which cost along the lines of an entire moon full of Vespene Gas (Team Fortress 2: Golden Wrench).

Part of their outrageous cost comes from the advanced Nanotech construction tools they use to construct, repair, and demolish buildings instantly (Red Faction: Nano Forge). Such power makes Golden SCVs "officially" outlawed in all three major Terran factions.

Special abilities:

  • Worker Abilities - the Golden SCV builds structures and harvest Minerals and Vespene Gas
  • Nano-Repair - heals friendly mechanical units and structures. Heals 25 life per energy
  • Contraband (passive) - unit can construct Terran campaign buildings


  • Unit can be unlocked after mining 1,000,000 in Rich Minerals and Vespene Gas

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