G.R. Insignia

Actual insignia

Gotter's Raiders is a subtle orginization planning on taking over the entire Korprulu Sector. It was formed after the Mechanical Revolution.

Their colour in battle is black.

Overview (AKA boring crap that talks about their military and crap)Edit


They use Guerilla tactics and Espionage

  • Tech Level: 4.5 (Desolator suits, Rocketeer power armour, Spy power suit, etc.)
  • Psychic Level: 2 (The only recorded Psionics in Gotter's Raiders is the deceased Comrade Jake, a raider turned pro alien activist)
  • Have a choice between Exosuit General, Chrono General, and Spy General
  • Love Nuclear Mentos and Jones Cola
  • Gotter is called Jared Kellich as a pseudonym
  • The only people that know of the Nth Dimension (WoW universe). How? Some of them fell into the portal.
  • Are very pissed off because the Neorrens found Azeroth. The Raiders intended to destroy the planet.

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