Gravity alternators are a relatively new innovation reverse engineered from salvaged Protoss ships to compliment existing AG technology.

Relatively easy to operate, Alternators increase or decrease the gravitational force within a certain radius by several magnitudes. Some can even be used in several tactical ways ranging from: troop training, instant prisons, and makeshift projectile launchers.

Squads of infantry and heavy vehicles such as Siege Tanks can be immobilized or slowed down long enough for station defenses to finish them. As side effect, the increased gravity augments the force of melee attacks (Golden Harvest/Media Asia: Armour of God II: Operation Condor). Reversing a gravity field can crush beings trapped within them or launch them into orbit (Dead Space: Gravity Panels). This can be frustrating to any enemy force reliant on ground assaults. Randomized G-forces can also interfere with weapon locks from air strikes making it difficult to hit specific targets until the fields are shut off.

Special abilities:

  • HEAVY GRAVITY - Slows down ground infantry and heavy armored vehicles by 50%. Decreases damage from ranged attacks, but increases damage from melee by +10
  • ZERO GRAVITY - Prevents ground units from moving or constructing structures in the area. Decreases damage from melee units by 75%
  • INVERSION - Launches ground units and structures into orbit. Structures that return receive 400 HP damage from the fall

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