Grus is a remote fringe world protected by the Rhel'Kaeli Protoss under the dictates of the Dae'uhl, specifically the Saven'Rii elite praetor guard.

Grus has unique atmospheric properties caused by electrically active particles in its upper atmosphere. These particles are psionic conductors that allow the world to be shielded from entry upon being charged with large amounts of psionic energy. Because of this, Grus if one of relatively few unique shield-worlds.


Grus' mineral and vespene reserves are fairly plentiful, but not necessarily abundant. Its true virtue is its abundant wildlife and rare elements present on and beneath its planetary surface. These elements include both terrazine and jorium as well as Imril crystals. The presence of Imril crystals on its surface is due to the aforementioned conductive particles in its atmosphere, which alter Khaydarin crystals overtime, producing Imril crystals.

Indigenous FaunaEdit

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