Grutoth mold is a type of fungus grown on planets with varying temperature extremes.

Often found on forming on rocks, its highly resistant to forest fires and flash freezing. Like the Baneling strain incorporating a different type of mold to become explosive. This fungus when integrated into some strains gives them an increase resistance to fire and cryogenic storage. Though not enough to prevent damage from kinetic and energy weapons, the introduction of the chemicals from Grutoth mold has made anti-swarm weapons difficult to develop.

Due to their augmented resistance to cold, Terran scientists are forced to keep live specimens in customized Containment chambers. When first encountered, the ice resilient strains pretended to slumber before slaughtering the Dominion science and security staff (Alien - Resurrection: USM Auriga). Only fragments of the security footage and dead Zerg could be recovered during the investigation.


  • Zerg strains gain +8 resistance to fire and ice based attacks

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