A Gryphon is a Terran fighter craft dating back to the early stages of the Guild Wars.

It has air-to-air and air-to-surface capabilities and a high level of maneuverability in most atmospheric conditions. Using turbofans and ionic thrusters, ace pilots could dodge missiles at literally the last second before launching a counterattack. Small platforms could also be attached to the sides to allow additional personnel to ride and be inserted combat zones (Halo: Hornet).

Gryphons are armed with triple-barreled autocannons for anti-personnel and dogfights. For even greater damage, they could switch to high heat Sabot Rounds to pierce heavily armored vehicles (Dreamworks/Paramount Pictures: Transformers). Against capital ships, they would use Taurus missiles and later Heat Seeking missiles with the advent of prototype cloaking technology. For defense, the fighters used electronic chaff against enemy missiles and lasers.

As more advanced fighters capable of space and planetary environments and cheaper laser weaponry came into use, Gryphons gradually became obsolete along the core and fringe worlds.

Special abilities:

  • Sabot Rounds - unit gains +10 attack bonus and ignores armor
  • Chaff (passive) - decreases enemy missile damage by -15
  • Load/Unload (upgrade) - can load up to 2 small infantry units once platform is researched
  • Heat Seeker (upgrade) - unit fires missiles that can track cloaked units

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